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Do you like Pinball? Do you like Breakout? Do you like helping lovable characters defeat evil henchmen and save their family? Then do we have a game for you! The Adventures of Spongeball Billy lets you play a Breakout style game on a pinball board with flippers, a plunger, and lots of bumpers. Rack up your score as you bounce-smash into the faces of uncaring, smug and downright nasty rectangular baddies. Collect gems to boost your score, and beware of the magician's evil spells, like flying cards, magic hat traps and killer rabbits. Hurry, Billy needs your help! 

This game is in early development. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. 

Install instructions

Unzip the files to any location and run index.html.


TheAdventuresofSpongeBallBilly.Windows10_1.0.2.0_x86_debug.appx 8 MB

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