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Hello Itch community. I began working on this game a few months ago. It is a Construct 2 project and I have to say, I have fiddled with a lot of game dev softwares, and I really enjoy Construct. The idea for Spongeball Billy came from another guy that reached out to me to come up with some kind of game starring the lovable sponge. We considered something like a side scroller at first, but as it turns out there is already a side scroller out there with a circular crimson character, so we went back to the drawing board. The idea of a Pac-Man style game was tossed around, but after a company trip to the mini-golf course I knew it had to be pinball. 

Its pretty hard coming up with a game that hasn't been done to death. I actually found a Construct 2 pinball template that had a few different styles of pinball. One of them was a Breakout style game. Growing up, one of my favorite games was Breakout so I took to that and ran with it. I've added quite a few new elements to it and my own terrible art but what I have right now is something that is surprisingly fun and easy to play.

The road for Billy is just getting started. If you happen to end up reading any of this stuff and find yourself interested, go checkout the game, download it and let me know. I am looking for as much feedback / criticism as I can get. I just recently discovered Itch and this dev blog tool is really great. I plan on adding to the game and the blog every Saturday, so stay tuned for more.


SpongeballBilly Installer 35 MB
Oct 02, 2017

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